Train to Teach

Deciding to invest your time, effort and money in a particular field of training is not to be taken lightly.  Becoming a mindfulness teacher in this program requires not only teaching skills, but developing a formal and informal mindfulness practice of your own.

Lately, “mindful” and  “mindfulness” seem to have become household words. There’s mindful cooking , mindful shower meditations, mindful clothing, and mindfulness beauty products to name just a few.

We purposefully put the word “Mindful” in the title of our training bIMG_8714ecause we personally know there is great value in non-judgmentally paying attention to what is going on in our interior and exterior lives, so that we can be responsive rather than reactive to people, events and even to our own minds. This takes practice, coupled with specialized training and supportive mentoring, which will be of benefit in your life and in turn benefit those you teach.

We believe in having fun teaching mindful eating and that our relationship with food and our body can be one of joy and contentment.  So it’s important to walk the talk. That is, our teachers embody what it is to be mindful by continuing to practice mindfulness meditation and mindfulness eating exercises themselves. We never ask our students to do something we don’t practice ourselves https://apoteketge../.

You can learn what you’ll need to do even before you go to your first ME-CL training.  You can find where ME-CL trainings are held in the U.S. and internationally. And how to become a certified ME-CL teacher if that is of interest to you.

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