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Mindful Eating Tips

One bite at a times is where you’ll find tips for pausing and slowing down while eating or anytime during the day. We suggest you choose one and try it for a week. See what works for you!


  • Try taking smaller first portions of food than you usually would.
    (Keep the serving bowls out of sight.)
  •  Eat more slowly than you usually would, paying full attention to each bite, and pausing between bites, letting the flavors in the mouth dissipate before you put the next bite in. Eat each bite mindfully.
  • If you need to talk, talk while you’re pausing. Stop talking when you’re eating. If you’re reading, read a bit while you’re pausing, not while you are eating.
  • When you’ve eaten the first portions, pause and ask the stomach, ” Ho

    tummy happy

    Tummy Talk

    w full are you? Do you need more? How much more? “

  • Adjust your second portions according to the information the stomach gives you.  Maybe you only need two more bites of a food to feel satisfied.

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